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This Holiday give yourself a gift that will Jump Start 2021 with the  90-Day I Kicked Sugar Challenge!   Join others for the next 12 weeks and have a chance to win from $1,000 in CASH Prizes! 

Whether you’re new to I Kicked Sugar and you haven't worked the course yet or you're a seasoned IKS Tribe member wanting to take your commitment to the next level and have a physical transformation this Challenge is for YOU!

Listen, kicking sugar… losing weight... getting healthy… it’s not rocket science.

Let’s face it we all need a little motivation. What’s more motivating than kicking sugar, finding food freedom, losing weight, getting healthy and winning prize money totaling $1,000 in cash!

Every woman who is registered for the Challenge and completes all the accountability tasks required during the challenge along with the biggest transformation could have a chance to win one of the three cash prizes along with some really cool swag! 1st prize is $500 CASH and 2nd and 3rd prizes are $250 each. Will it be YOU?

If you’re sick and tired of being tired and you’re ready to finally take control over your health and happiness and transform your body, then I look forward to YOU joining The 90-Day I Kicked Sugar Challenge!

Get ready cause you're gonna dig deep and get real! This is a no holds barred challenge! Be prepared to have your mindset transformed, lose weight and create a whole new you.


Hell YES!  I’m ready to join the Challenge, 

Kick Sugar, Lose Weight & Win!

👉 “The price is unbelievable for what you get!! I’ve been on this program and sugar-free for the last 6 months, down 44 pounds and feel soooo much better!... The absolute best support group as well!!” –  Cheryl W 

👉 “Joyce, I’m so happy I saw your ad on Instagram and purchased your course. THANK YOU!! I am now 5 months Sugar-Free!!”    -Cindy Cairl 

👉 “I have been sugar-free for 6 weeks! I have lost 17.4 lbs since I joined IKS and my BMI has dropped 3 points!! Even better than the numbers is the fact that I am becoming more healthy, my head is a lot clearer, I have more energy, my mood is a lot happier, I no longer feel puffy or bloated and my cardiologist said I can go off my blood pressure medicine! I have acquired a whole bunch of new friends to help me along this journey. Thank you, Joyce and the rest of the IKS Bad Ass tribe member.” - Mary Ann Wolf 

👉 “I KICKED SUGAR!! I am proof. I purchased the IKS program 2 months ago…I’m down 10 lbs and still going: no more sleeping pill, no more acid reflux pill. I’m waking up without hitting the snooze and feeling great! … If I can do this, so can all of you. DO THE WORK! REACH OUT!” - Kelly Roman 

👉 “Thank you for this amazing program you have created!!! You are so caring and giving to all of us. I am a healthy person and I don’t eat sugar. Don’t even want it! I am slowly losing body fat. My belly is slowly melting away. I’m enjoying such delicious food. It feels great” - Susie Arnold Gertz Collins 

👉 “With Joyce’s course and the support of these wonderful women
 I have kicked sugar. You will too. Get ready to feel the best you ever have.” – Kimberly Orcutt

👉 “This course has CHANGED MY LIFE.. 
5 months kicking sugar! I’ve lost 28 lbs! I Down from size 14 to size 8! My body fat percent has dropped 6%. I am so grateful for this program and this group and all the supportive women. I learned how to have a healthy relationship with myself and food. I'm healthy. No nausea, heartburn, or stomach issues. My acne is practically gone! But more importantly I feel like a version of myself I thought I'd never get back.  I'm so grateful to Joyce for writing this book and forming this group!” – Melissa Slocum

👉 “@ikickedsugar is changing my life daily! It’s not a fad diet, it’s a commitment to myself! 
It is teaching me wellness on a whole new level! Thank you, Joyce,” – Traci T

👉 “So thankful to have discovered this program. 
I feel like a brand-new person without sugar. First time in my life being sugar-free and running. Thank you sooo much! Thank you for creating this community this is amazing!” -Chasity D


👉 “I completed all the modules yesterday and I feel like I have had a real ah-ha moment with “I don’t eat sugar!” I am so thankful for your course and am excited to see what’s ahead.” - Debbie C


👉 “IKS, I can’t thank you enough for putting this out in the world 🙌. I am on my way to living a better, healthier life and with certain success, b/c as the course work states in the start; I don’t even want the nasty stuff anymore - because it’s NOT food! It’s junk that doesn’t serve me, my higher purpose or lifelong goals & commitments to myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so happy to be on this journey as a part of the IKS tribe.” - Rachel M

 👉 My new journey is amazing!! 7 weeks into the group and I am down 27 lbs. BUT the most amazing part is I am pain free!!” -Jackie C 

👉 “I cut back on drinking AND EATING SUGAR. I’ve lost 9 lbs!” - Christina Knight Parks – 


This Challenge Guidebook is to be used in conjunction with the I Kicked Sugar 100 page Coursebook and the Challenge Portal Website where your extra PDF downloads, links and Accountability Tasks are. If you do not own the I Kicked Sugar Coursebook you can purchase it when you register now. (the audiobook WILL NOT DO).

This Guidebook is full of helpful reminders, extra supplemental tools and practical tips along with reminders to help you stay on course through the challenge.

In the next 12 weeks, along with kicking sugar you'll learn to eat a clean, anti-inflammatory diet designed to nourish your body and shed pounds. In the Challenge Guidebook and Website Portal I guide you on how to create a healthy meal plan for losing weight. When a goal is measurable, so is success. To keep you on track, I've prepared accountability tasks and lessons on nutrition and meal planning along with tracker sheets and shopping lists. Join others and share in your Transformation journey with the Private Facebook Group Community as well as Q&A Clarity Calls on Zoom face-to-face with me and your team!

This Challenge gives you accountability along with the tools, lessons, clarity and the support you need! 


This isn't your typical transformation challenge that requires willpower and discipline to power through. The I Kicked Sugar 90-Day Challenge is designed in two phases - first you'll work through the course for the first 21-days (not changing anything with your food) after 21 days you'll be ready and wanting to declare your sugar freedom. Then it's on to the next 69 days for phase two where you will be continuing to create your new identity of a healthy person Who Does Not Eat Sugar. You will be focusing on your food and your new daily healthy habits to support your new lifestyle.

When I wrote IKS I pledged to address sugar addiction differently. I’ve provided tangible, easy, actionable steps, and tactical information to kick sugar and change your life. I’ve gathered and designed some amazing extras just for this challenge including a Guidebook with over 50 pages of insight and clarity along with a Challenge website portal that has systems in place to make accountability as easy as 1… 2… 3.


 JANUARY 1, 2021


Challenge Guidebook with over 50 pages to help give you EXTRA guidance through the first 21 Days while you use your current I Kicked Sugar Coursebook. Then in Phase Two of the Guidebook you will be given tools and principles to craft your nutritional needs for losing weight while creating optimal health.

Challenge Portal website with extra lessons and tools to keep you on track and accountable.

2 One-hour Q&A face-to-face Clarity Calls on Zoom. (these alone are worth the entire challenge) 

Access to the Private Facebook Group Community where your ambassadors and I will cheer you on and encourage you plus access to our buddy you don't have to do this alone! 


Hell YES!  I’m ready to join the Challenge, Kick Sugar, Lose Weight & Win!

Challenge Starts: January 1, 2021

Challenge Ends: March 31, 2021

12 Weeks To Kick Sugar, Lose Weight and Transform Your Life!