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The I Kicked Sugar™ Cookbooks will show you how preparing healthy, delicious foods doesn't have to be costly or feel like a time-consuming chore. By following my emphasis on reading labels and bringing awareness to your serving sizes with Pinterest worthy, eye-catching photos to inspire you, you’ll be able to create simple, delicious healthy meals with little effort and time, making eating healthy and kicking sugar a sustainable practice and daily habit you can introduce into your life.

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These 100% gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free, No Bake Raspberry Energy Balls are packed with flavor, easy to make, and so good for you! You can’t go wrong with this delicious combination of flavors that taste light, bright and creamy with a little coconut crunch.

These golden crunchy sweet potato fries, baked to crispy perfection, are the perfect side to compliment your home-made plant-based Black Bean Burger. Made with protein packed black beans combined with the creaminess of sweet potatoes this burger is sure to leave you feeling satiated and very satisfied.

Breakfast should not only be quick, easy and delicious, but it should fuel your day leaving you energized and feeling amazing for hours! These dreamy delicious, fluffy protein pancakes will easily fit into the I Kicked Sugar healthy lifestyle. Packed with 6 grams of protein per pancake and only 104 calories they truly are scrumptious without the guilt.

Flavor does matter when cooking, but for optimal health, so does your blood sugar regulation, energy and metabolism.

For your morning breakfast, your afternoon lunch, or even a homemade sweet, let these recipes inspire you to discover you can reach your health goals and enjoy delicious food.

With each carefully crafted cookbook you’ll have everything you need to jump start your love affair with real whole foods learning to create delicious, dreamy meals. Each recipe includes instructions and ingredient lists along with the macronutrient breakdown allowing you to look up and log each recipe into My Fitness Pal, so you can track your food. Along with clickable links for recommended ingredient sources, lessons and photography created to inspire, you’ll have everything you need to start becoming a sugar-free chef. Purchase the Collection today for just $41.96 including all four cookbooks and receive the Bonus Guide offering tips on meal prep and more. YOU SAVE $10! (separately a $51.96 value) These cookbooks are delivered digitally for instant access so you won’t have to wait for delivery. You can order now and be creating your first meal today.

* All cookbooks are delivered digitally for Instant Access!


* All cookbooks are delivered digitally for Instant Access!



"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

"I'm eating my veggies! a scrumptious brownie!!! Sweet Potato Brownies from the IKS Dessert Cookbook. Easy and Delicious! Also Yum! Yum I made the Vegan Cheesecake Bites! Another Winner! Sweet Potato, Avocado Taco dinner from the IKS Dinner Cookbook. Yum!!! Family Approved! it's become a favorite at our house!" - Melissa S

"Black Bean Burger with Sweet Potato Fries did not disappoint! Even my hubby loved it and kept saying how yummy it was. The cookbooks have wonderful recipes with easy to follow instructions. The photos make me hungry!! I also tried Joyce's Berry Cobbler recipe and it was a hit! Everyone enjoyed it very much!! I highly recommend her cookbooks!" - Lynn N

"I bought the recipe book bundle last week. Highly recommend. Have made a couple of the salads and they were yummy. Looking forward to the Black Bean Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries." Cindy M

"Made the Breakfast Egg Bites for my husband this week. They were a hit!" - Kathy F.

"I'd never imagine I would be eating this way. The IKS Course has information that has changed my view of eating. The IKS Cookbooks are a great tool to have on this kicking sugar journey. Not only are there great recipes - you will learn! Joyce has a natural way of educating us! You will get ideas to use what you already have in your kitchen and make it your own!...Yummy! Yummy Making Love for my Tummy!" Susan M 

"OMG Joyce's recipe for Spaghetti Squash Casserole is AMAZING!! Even my son had a little bite and enjoyed it and he is quite picky! 😋" -Joanne R

"Let me just say: YUUUMMMMY! So satisfying.😋 Thank you for your recipes Joyce. Everyone should get the cookbook bundle! 🤩" - Tonya D 

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Yes I still eat cookies!

I’ve seen it a thousand times with women and eventually they snap from feeling deprived and retaliate by grabbing the first thing in front of them... JUNK!

All because they didn’t plan their meals and learn to cook and bake with real whole food.

Food freedom is not obtained by using willpower or having discipline. That muscle will only hold out for so long.

The I Kicked Sugar™ lifestyle is based in self- care and self-love which starts by 
feeding your body with real whole nutrient rich foods. To be a healthy person, you MUST start cooking and baking for yourself.

if you could eliminate the 150-200 grams of ultra-processed sugars that you might be eating now? (that’s the range I’ve seen as a daily average from women I’ve coached as they start my course) to just 25 grams a day from healthier unrefined sweeteners?

Do you think that would change your health? Your life?

You bet it will, and I’ve seen it with women again and again. But to do so, you must learn to read labels, understand ingredients, and learn to cook and bake for yourself.

Processed packaged food and fast food won’t do, and you can’t starve yourself.

If you feel you’re depriving yourself and you’re trying to kick sugar with mere willpower, eventually you will grab that bag of Oreos.

You must replace the bad sugar with good sugar like fruit along with some home-made baked goods or you will seek out junk.

Stop the "all or nothing" mindset.

Take time out to practice being a healthy person who learns to love the kitchen and who celebrates and rejoices in eating real whole foods.

You’ll NEVER feel deprived if you allow yourself to make healthier alternatives.

I’m thrilled to share my love of real whole food with you through this collection of I Kicked Sugar™ cookbooks. 

One for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and of course one full of sweet things! These cookbooks have been a labor of love and have deepened my knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment for cooking and baking with fresh whole food ingredients. 

I hope they do the same for you.